About Conference


The Conference Series is delighted to extend an invitation to doctors from all around the world to join us for the "13th World Summit on Oral Health and Dentistry," scheduled for October 23-24, 2024 in Paris, France. This exceptional event is centered on the theme of "Advancements in Modern Oral Health and Dentistry."

ORAL THERAPY 2024 serves as a common platform designed to bring together international medical and dental health professionals, fostering the exchange and dissemination of research findings pertaining to Dentistry and Oral Health. This dental conference offers a global arena for discussions on groundbreaking innovations, engaging international scientists, researchers, practitioners, emerging scholars, and industry experts in the field of Dental Health.

Why should you consider attending?

The ORAL THERAPY Conferences aim to illuminate the world with the latest developments in Dentistry and Oral Health research, instilling fresh insights into maintaining oral well-being. Furthermore, these Oral Therapy Conferences provide an excellent opportunity for networking with peers. Internationally renowned speakers, innovative approaches, and cutting-edge updates in the field of Dental Implants are among the unique features of this conference. Oral Therapy Conferences, symposia, and workshops serve as a dedicated platform for the advancement, scrutiny, and exchange of knowledge regarding Dentistry and Oral Health.

Conference Highlights